Project Plan For Functionality-Based SDLC


A amount of methods acquired in managing a Software Activity during the accomplished decade. Whether it is a Acceptable or Agile Development, the accent on the phases of the Software Development Life Cycle abide unchanged. While the beforehand Activity Managers are absorbed added to the attempt of Managing the Projects, their competencies in the technology that is accepting acclimated in the Activity are atomic bothered. The accelerated change in Technology and the Internet Boom fabricated the newer bearing of Activity Managers to be competent technically and accomplished in Attempt of Activity Management(2) . Globalization and Outsourcing of IT Projects accepted added abilities for managing these Projects.

In this arduous IT World, creating a activity plan with cost-savings techniques and bigger metrics for superior affirmation became an ever-demanding assignment for the accepted Activity Managers.

When the Software Activity Administrator is accomplished in the business action and accomplished in Software Development/Analysis, afresh this columnist believes that the beneath explained “Functionality-Based SDLC” will be added acknowledged if compared to the acceptable SDLC.

Major Functions Identification:For any application, the best way to analyze the functions complex is to altercate added with the Business Community. The End-Users are the best assets for acquisition the requirements and anecdotic the tasks and alignment them into functions. In a lot of of the Software Projects, it’s the Activity Administrator who decides how to plan the Activity and get it executed. Theoretically, it works if the Activity Administrator had any antecedent acquaintance as a Business Analyst or a Systems Analyst.

Since a lot of of the Projects are not started from scratch, there is consistently the business action breeze for a lot of of the functionalities and their inter-dependencies already in place. The primary assignment is to accumulate all the functionalities appropriate to be developed or added based on the Activity Scope. Organizing these functionalities at a college akin for presenting to the Business Community and Senior Management will accommodate a bigger charge to the Activity Manager. This Presentation would be the aboriginal footfall for the Business Sponsors and the Activity Administrator to appear to an acceding that all the functionalities are aural the Scope defined. Any miscommunication or ambiguous advice MUST be antiseptic at this stage. Most of the bootless Software Projects are due to abridgement of accuracy in the Activity Scope.

Digging through added in detail for anniversary functionality with the Business Community and in accurate with the amenable End-Users provides a bigger compassionate of how the Activity should be planned. During this Phase, the columnist expects the Activity Administrator to be accomplished technically about the in-and-out of the Business Process. A Abstruse Leader ability be a agitator during this Phase.

Once the abundant functionalities are identified, they can be added organized as Absolute and Dependable Functionalities. Breaking down the functionalities to the everyman akin accessible at this appearance will be added accessible while planning for the Plan Allocation, Anecdotic the Aggregation Size, Anecdotic the abstruse abilities required.

Project Planning:The Functional Action Breeze acclimated the Arrow Diagramming Method. The Forward Arrows announce that the Next Functionality that charge to be started already the absolute one is finished.

For anniversary Functionality, the SDLC appearance consists of:

Fn Rn – Requirements Acquisition (Where nis the Functionality Number)

Fn Tn – Test Cases Preparation

Fn Dn – Detail Design Documentation

Fn Cn – Source Code Development

Fn Un – Unit Testing

Planning for anniversary functionality relies on the time taken to accumulate the requirements. Acquisition all requirements for Absolute Functionalities should be the aboriginal priority. While the Aggregation is active in advanced added phases of Software development for these Absolute Functions, the Activity Leader/Manager will accept acceptable time to accumulate the requirements for functions that are depend on anniversary other. Already again, I would like to accent that a Software Activity Administrator with acquaintance in Programming would be an added advantage during this acute phase.

In the beneath diagram, afterwards the achievement of acquisition Requirements for Functionality 1 is completed, the added tasks pertaining to that Functionality can be started. While the Aggregation is alive on these Tasks, the Requirements for the Next Functionality can begin. During this planning phase, the Activity Administrator would be able to analyze the Aggregation Plan Load and any accessible delays. All adjustments to workload breakdown amid the Aggregation Members accept to be accomplished during this Phase. To abstain agitation due to any abrupt risks (viz. Aggregation Affiliate abrogation in the average of the Activity or adjournment in Software Licensing or adjournment of accepting the appropriate Hardware etc..) it is appropriate to add at atomic 15% to 20% of the planned time. Any added time during any appearance will be an added advantage for the Aggregation to plan for the next appearance with beneath stress.

Critical Functionality Path (CFP) Evaluation: It can be authentic as the Path from Start to End area added commutual functionalities are involved.

Any change in plan for any one of the functionality would accept a above appulse on the next abased Functionality. To abstain any such mishaps, added time accept to be included for anniversary inter-related functions during the planning phase.

A Academic Case Abstraction – “Retail Pharmacy Medicines Dispensing System (RPMDS)

“In this academic case abstraction the activity administrator is affected to accept acquaintance in Software Development in HealthCare Industry. The Activity Manger articular the alone and commutual Tasks. Based on the amount of Software Professionals assigned to the Project, the Activity is planned.

For this Application, assorted functionalities are articular as follows:

Individual Tasks:

– IT1 – New Prescription Input

– IT2 – Refill Prescription Input

– IT3 – Ample the Medicine (Assumption is Fabricated that HMO/PPO accustomed )

Interdependent Tasks:

– DT1 – Accumulate Prescription Advice – Depends on assignment IT2

– DT2 – Authorization from HMO/PPO – Depends on assignment IT1 and/or DT1

– DT3 – Print the Co-pay Amount – Depends on DT2

– DT4 – Bill the Insurance – Depends on DT2

Critical Functionality: DT2 – Authorization from HMO/PPO

In this Arrow Diagram, Function 4 can be started as anon as Function 1 is completed. By planning intelligently, by the cogwheel Function 3 gets done, Function 4 accept to be in its final finishing phase.

Since Function 5 is independent, it can be started with an acceptance that the HMO/PPO accustomed to ample the Medicines as per prescribed.

After achievement of Function 4, Function 6 and 7 can be started in parallel.

In this Case, the CFP is: F2 — F3 — F4 — F7

At this point, the Activity Administrator can plan in two ways:

Plan 1: Divide the Activity Aggregation into absolutely two groups and accredit one accumulation the Alone and the added the Interdependency Tasks.

Plan 2: Assign anniversary assignment to anniversary affiliate of the aggregation as mentioned in the Arrow Diagramming Method.

What anytime the Plan the Activity Administrator chooses, there is consistently a accident associated with it. The best way to abbreviate the accident comes from the accomplished experience.


This cardboard has dealt added in detail how to plan a activity if the functionalities are bright and their inter-relationships are identifiable. For ample calibration projects the functionalities can be articular at a college akin and for anniversary functionality the aforementioned action can be repeated. The added the functionalities are aged for artlessness purposes the college affairs of accepting them completed with minimum risk. Be cautious, too abysmal ability let you abatement in an amaranthine aphotic tunnel. As emphasized earlier, a technically competent & accomplished Activity Administrator can adjudge the depth.

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